Our plans involve an extension and/or new build elements, do I need to engage an architect as well as an interior designer?
As interior designers we are highly skilled at working with existing buildings, our design solutions usually encompass making the most of your existing building as well as  extensions and new built elements. We have architectural draftspersons and building designers we work with to resolve the structural elements of a new build and to produce and submit permit documentation. In cases where we feel the complexity of the building brief requires an architectural solution, we will direct you to an architect for services. 

Can you work with our architect?
We frequently collaborate with like-minded architects producing interior joinery and fit-out packages. Ideally we like to be involved as early as possible in the design process, as our design development will take a similar amount of time and can be developed concurrently with architectural solutions. 

What size of projects do you do? 
We work on medium-to-large projects, from interior fit-out only to renovations and extensions, to retrofit projects and fit-out of new builds. 

Do you offer a consultation service?
Yes! Our consulting services provide you with our highest value offering- our design thinking and expertise. Whether you are an owner, builder or working with another designer/draftsperson we apply our best thinking to your project for you to realise with your team.

How much my project will cost? 
We can't give you an accurate cost for a project at this stage, however, we can indicate a likely budget range based on project scopes of a similar scope.  We also let you know when new scope or information during the design process means that the budget is likely to be exceeded.

How are your fees set?
Our fees are based on a percentage rate of the project cost. Smaller projects are set at a higher percentage rate, and this rate goes down as the budget increases. This is due to the fact that the amount of work required for a smaller project can be similar, and sometimes more, than a larger one. Our percentage rates for design services are set at a rate of between 8-20% of the construction budget. 

Are design fees part of the build budget?
No. Design fees are on top of the build budget and are paid for during the design process, before the build.

How long does the design process take?
Anything from 6 -18 months, depending on the scope of the project. We will spend hundreds of hours on each project, over many months of development and have many meetings with stakeholders over this time.  

Are you available? 
We are a small boutique studio that only does a limited number of projects at a time. We do this in order to offer the attentive and individually resolved outcomes we are committed to. This means just a few new clients are engaged every year. Timing, location, and the size of the project are important factors as we assess in our capacity to offer services. Please make contact as early as possible if you are interested in working with us. 

Is sustainable design more expensive?
Sustainable design is only as expensive as any other type of good quality build. When you engage an architect or interior designer you are opting for a quality outcome, with customised solutions specific to your needs and situation.