Brave new eco works with you to clarify and articulate the lifestyle and aesthetic vision for your homes interior spaces, identifying which elements will have the biggest impact on the way you live. Together we ascertain what is feasible, and which solutions will create the most positive environmental and lifestyle changes whilst aligning with your personal values, taste and objectives. Brave new eco creates a holistic design solution that encompasses your long-term plans. We are experts at spatial resolution and resolve your homes overall layout to integrate your interior spaces with your exterior living, landscaping, sustainable technologies and built form/ architectural alterations to provide a cohesive and functionally interconnected result.  


Brave new eco offers a unique ethically driven design response that seeks the greatest positive gain with the least use of resources. Our solutions work towards transformation with positive environmental impact in both the process and the result. We strive to maximise the inherent potential of your spaces.  We research and source best-choice (feasible) products for your project, based on current information in the rapidly changing and growing sustainable and healthy building sector. We know a lot about what we are specifying, how it works, what it is made of, and where it came from. We never, ever, loose sight of how it looks as well. We pride ourselves on providing both the style and the substance.   


Brave new eco articulates a vision for your home by collaborating and coordinating with the other consultants and designers necessary to realise your project, allowing for integrated custom designed interior and architectural alterations, landscaping and sustainable technology systems. Brave new eco liaises with the professional consultants and coordinates the interior design process to make sure that it adheres to the sustainable, aesthetic and lifestyle outcomes outlined in the concept design.   


Brave new eco gets to know you and your family and individually curates alterations according to your particular needs, preferences and objectives. We provide a bespoke solution focused on the relationship between you and your home - intimately responding to the way you live to encourage a more connected, less wasteful way of life. We seek always an authentic design, one that is for real people, with real stories and values. Our designs never look like they came all out of one shop. The design process is based on communication and consultation between designer and client. This relationship should be one of trust and confidence. We spend the time required researching, coordinating, and exploring solutions. This time is the key factor that leads to the difference between business-as-usual solutions and a unique and deeply responsive outcome.  


Brave new eco knows the devil is in the detail so we provide comprehensive schedules and drawings; so you don’t find yourself making rushed last-minute decisions. Trades people and suppliers are given detailed information for accurate quoting.  


We like to share what we do. At the completion of the job, we may want to professionally photograph your home for publication. Our client’s personal commitment to sustainable outcomes and a better way of life inspires others- if you are comfortable with the idea we may want to share your story.