WHY?: Building and renovating can be daunting. We believe good design occurs when expertise meets intuition. We can help you create spaces that respond to the way you live and the way you want to live.     Our consulting packages have been developed to allow us to bring our insight, technical expertise and creative problem solving to your project; assisting you to create cohesive, functional and enjoyable spaces. We can help you get back on track when you are stuck and move you towards realising the potential of your home’s design. Whether you are an owner-builder or working with a designer or builder, we apply our best design thinking and expertise to your project for you to realise with your team. This service has been created to allow projects with all type of budgets to have access to good design ideas and to ensure more projects reach the sustainable outcomes that are so important in this day and age.  While we have outlined 4 stages for consulting scope, we understand that every project is unique and your may need something not captured here- feel free to email us to find out how we can help you.  Megan has consulted on residential design projects for 14 years and worked with over 100 households.   PRICING:  Our consultation services start at $1200 + GST for the first consult. We offer a 20% discount on any subsequent consults. Your project will get value from a single consult, however a combination or 2-3 consults over time as the project develops through stages will provide the best outcome. The fee includes pre-assessing your project and planning our feedback, a visit to your home and face-to-face meeting to go over our insights, and a summary sketch plan to outline our suggestions.   WHAT OUR CONSULTING CLIENTS SAY:    “The consultation was brilliant, and exactly what we needed: thorough and thoughtful advice on possibilities for our current home. Megan was happy to field any and all of our questions - and being new to renovating, we had a lot! We left feeling inspired and confident about the next steps in the design and renovation process, and can't wait to now get started. We're seeing our home in a new light, with potential we didn't realise it had!-”,  Erin Milne: Home and site potential consultation.    “Megan is a pleasure to work with. She comes with a unique set of skills that are not common, sadly, in the marketplace of designers, architects, builders etc. I think having the Permaculture Design Course training is so important for people working in this area, and Megan seems to be deeply imbued in the permaculture way of thinking. As a result of her input, I have been able to reframe the project and incorporate each separate aspect into a more holistic vision, so that hopefully less energy input can create a more refined, useful and beautiful result. I would happily recommend Megan to other prospective projects.”  Melissa Abrahams: Permaculture design consulting for a new family house/retreat centre   "With Megan's assistance we have drastically improved the (existing) design to include: improved layout, solar orientation, water harvesting and solar energy requirements. Megan is a good communicator and was very attuned to what we were trying to achieve."  Mary and David Apps: Sustainable design consulting for new build - Surrey Hills, Melbourne   “It was great to work with Megan, who has such expertise in her field, which enabled us to simplify many of the decision making considerations of the project”  Veronica Obrien: Kitchen, bathroom and laundry renovation. Preston, Melbourne